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Your (weight) loss is your (lean muscle) gain

Isagenix Isalean Pro Whey Protein. This specialized nutrition is great for athletes, active people and teens who want to gain muscle and for those trying to break through weight-loss plateaus, lose stubborn belly or harmful visceral fat. It’s also beneficial for older adults who want to prevent age-related muscle loss. IsaLean Pro


What is IsaLean® Pro Shakes?

IsaLean Pro combines 1½ servings of IsaLean Shake with 1 serving of our premium undenatured IsaPro® whey protein and conveniently packages them together for a maximum whey protein dosage. IsaLean Pro offers customers high-dose whey protein to assist their weight loss and/or muscle-building goals. IsaLean Pro aids in overcoming weight loss plateaus for those on a weight loss program; helps eliminate visceral belly fat and allows for superior muscle recovery and growth in athletes.

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